Email Marketing for Travel Agencies

There are various factors which contribute to Email Marketing for Travel Agencies which include direct and indirect intelligence built into your email marketing strategy, calendar and communication design.

  1. DESIGN: Over 60% of your target audience reads their important emails on their mobile devices. Are your email templates and designs mobile friendly? Do they fit perfectly for any screen resolution? What you need to address this issue is an Email Marketing Platform with an intelligent email editor that automatically sends your email campaign with inline CSS so as to avoid and mobile design issues.
  2. FREQUENCY: Marketers have longed battled with the question that how much email is too much email or if too less email will make their subscribers forget about their brand or rather their competition would gain more popularity. We address this problem with Content Marketing! You should maintain a reason to communicate – a new feature, a helpful guide and insightful infographic or a detailed blog. Stop talking about how great your brand is or how good your services are – showcase real testimonials if you have to.
  3. SUBJECT LINES: A novice Google Search for ‘best email marketing subject lines’ would fetch results of many blogs like this one – but honestly the best subject line that you can use is one that really represents your business and the content of your email. It’s very simple, just be honest and original!Here’s a quick guide on how to write some of the Best Subject Lines for Email Marketing:
    • Keep it short and crisp: Too long is busy and too short is ambiguous. 90 – 160 characters would be ideal.
    • Write your own name, company name or a name that the recipient would relate to
    • Personalize the Subject Line
    • Use catchy, attention grabbing and intelligent quotes
    • Be precise but descriptive
    • Send to small segments in your list
      • It helps you do A/B Testing of Subject Lines
      • You can personalize to a greater extent
    • Timing of your email delivery: You are the best judge of when would your prospective/current customer want to read your email – in Working Hours? or Weekends?
    • Make the recipient feel special – use endearing words to make them feel special or loyal to your brand
    • Imply a sense of Urgency – For example: Only 5 Seats Left!
    • Use statistics and numbers – people get convinced more often on reading facts over marketing lingo
    • Do not use all capital letters or too much punctuation. You have to remain formal at all times
  4. CONTENT: The most important factor in your email campaign is the content. It has to have substance, address an interest and intrigue the user enough to feel the need for a “call to action”. Here’s a list of things you can do make your content better and get higher engagement from your subscribers:
    • IMAGES: Use beautiful pictures but don’t lie – If you’re advertise an Expedition on the snow peak then don’t use a beach picture. You can try Royalty Free Image Bank like Pixabay and see if they have something which matches your requirement. More often than not, clients using an email marketing software would fall prey to lack of an image bank and either pick something false from Google Images (which is illegal) or simply use an alternative which is actually misleading the customer.
      • SOLUTION: Use illustrations! In case you do not have an appropriate image bank then you can create or get a quick illustration made from marketplaces like Fiverr.
    • FIRST FOLD: What you write or show in the first fold or first half of your email determines the future of your email campaign. So keep it interesting and write unique and engaging content which intrigues the reader to scroll down the screen on his laptop or mobile device.
    • LINKS: Place appropriate quantity and quality of links in your email body.  Ensure that the phrase or call to action button that you’ve placed in your email body points to the next thing that a recipient would want to see rather than what you would want to see. Continuation is Key. On an average 4-5 links are most appropriate for every 200 word email campaign.
    • CALL TO ACTION: Every email campaign, even transactional email, has a Call to Action – which leads the email subscriber to a proper destination. Every email recipient gives you one wish – if your email has been opened, he would probably click on at least one link from your email campaign – ensure that it goes to an appropriate destination and it is something that you would want the lead or customer to see or fill in.
    • PERSONALIZATION: An underestimated tool amongst popular Email Marketing Software Features which can really turn give you the Best Email Campaign Results – over 80% people would open an email which is addressed to them in the Subject Line; Over 60% people would open an email which would show their name in the Preview Email (that single line space below the subject line on your phone). So keep your lists up to date and address your subscribers with salutation and name.

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Nakul Mehra

A seasoned Digital Marketing Professional with expertise in Email Campaign Management, Execution and Inbox Delivery. He has led his team at Vizz Media to help thousands of businesses in sending better email, generate higher ROI and increase subscriber engagement using Mvizz Email Marketing SaaS and Managed Email Marketing Services.

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