Anti Spam Policy

mVizz has a strong anti spam policy. MVIZZ’s customer support monitors large import lists and emails going to a large number of contacts on a regular basis. Any customer found to be using our mailing services for spam will be immediately cut-off from use of the service and their account will be terminated without any prior notice and without any liability of mVizz, it’s Management and associates to any extent. If you know of or suspect any violators, please notify us immediately at Before adding new recipients to your contact list, you need to ensure that you have the proper permission for each and every recipient on your list.


Without proper permission, you run the risk of getting reported for spam, or worse, being sued under anti-spam laws. The basic principle of permission is that you can only email people who have explicitly given you permission to contact them, and only about subjects that they have specifically agreed to. Failure to ensure that all your recipients fall into the “Acceptable Use” category below will result in immediate termination of your account. Every email contains a mandatory unsubscribe link – those individuals who try to remove this link will be warned that they are doing so. If the link is removed or de-activated in any way, mVizz will terminate the customer’s account.
What is Spam?
Spam is unsolicited email also known as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). By sending email to only to those who have requested to receive it, you are following accepted permission-based email guidelines.

What is Spam?

Spam is unsolicited email also known as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). By sending email to only to those who have requested to receive it, you are following accepted permission-based email guidelines.

What is Acceptable?

Double Opt-In Subscription Online: Every Email Address Recipient has willingly subscribed to your list online and opted in for one or several types of mailings and then confirming it by a double-opt in verification; i.e. by clicking one or more subject-related checkboxes that were unselected by default. Co-registration on a partner’s site is OK as long as there are separate opt-in options for each list and it is clear to users that they are subscribing to your list and/or as well as other lists. We recommend you to send a reminder email to recipients/subscribers inactive for over a year in your list.

Opted in with you in an Offline Form/Subscription: Recipient filled in your offline form, survey or participated in your quiz/contest and gave their express permission to be contacted by email about specific subject(s), i.e. by ticking an empty checkbox.

Exchange of Contacts at an event/gathering: If it’s clear that by giving their card the recipient would be added to a list with a particular subject matter, you have permission. We recommend an introductory message reminding them that they have subscribed to your list and what they shall be receiving with your Official Business Address, Contact information and that you shall only add contacts who reply to this confirmation email, to your mailing list.

Product specific communication: Explicitly opted in for the subject you are contacting them about. When a subscriber opts in for a particular product or service, make sure to contact them and send them information relevant to only that product and/or service and does not mean you can send them information of all your products and/or services or of your partners.

What is Unacceptable?

Harvesting Email Addresses from Websites or Online Content: Do not add email addresses you see on websites, blogs, email signatures and other online content to your email address and they have not given you legit permission to contact them.

Inactive Recipients: Even if a subscriber has signed up for your newsletter using proper methods but has been inactive since a long time, you should send them a reminder and ask for permission again if it is alright to continue sending them emails. The industry norm is that permission expires after 2 years of no contact.

Purchased or Third Part Email Lists: It is unethical and illegal to send out emails to purchased, rented, borrowed or otherwise acquired a list from another party, even if it’s an opt-in list, the recipients didn’t give their permission to hear from you specifically.

Permission Based Emails only: Every subscriber should have opted in to your email list and just because you know someone or he/she is your client does not give you the right to send them emails. They should have willingly signed up for your newsletter or to receive information from you by email regarding a specific product and/or service.

Generic and Common Email addresses: You cannot email to generic email addresses like, or because they are not email addresses managed by one person in a company and is not fixed to a person specifically – it may be operated and used by different people at different times. The only exception being that if you knew the recipient and were sure that it was their permanent individual email address.

What is Mandatory in Emailing?

Every email sent through should not promote illegal, unlawful, malicious, objectionable or any prohibited products and services (read Terms & Conditions).

Every email contains a single click Unsubscribe Link.

Every email contains your complete Official Business Address & Contact Information.

Is there a law against Spam?

The federal anti-spam law went into effect on January 1st, 2004 and pre-empts all state laws. While this new law will not stop spam, it does make most spam illegal and ultimately less attractive to spammers. The law is specific about requirements to send commercial email and empowers the federal government to enforce the law. The penalties can include a fine and/or imprisonment for up to 5 years.

How does MVIZZ protect you from sending spam?

MVIZZ is a permission-based email-marketing tool that follows the strictest permission-based philosophies:

Communicate – Your mVizz registration page already states why you are collecting the site visitor’s email address, how you plan to use their address, and that you are following the embedded privacy policy. Additionally, by accepting our license agreement you have agreed to use only permission-based lists and never to sell or rent your lists.

Verify – mVizz software has a feature for you to automatically send all of your new contacts an email confirming their interest in receiving emails from you. Additionally, if your contact changes his or her interests or Unsubscribes, mVizz automatically sends an email confirmation to the list owner as well.

Unsubscribe – Every email generated from mVizz contains a single click unsubscribe link which allows your contacts to opt-out of future emails and automatically updates your contact lists to avoid the chance of sending unwanted emails to visitors who have unsubscribed.

Identify – Your email header information is correct because it is pre-set for you by mVizz. Your email’s “From”” address is verified and already accurately identifies you as the sender.

Contact Information – All of your emails are pre-filled with your contact information including your physical address

For more information, please email us: info [at]

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