Top 10 Benefits of Email Marketing

Amongst a long list of benefits of email marketing, we’ve narrowed on the Top 10 Email Marketing Benefits which impact every kind of business in customer acquisition, retention and branding.

  1. Highest Probability: Everyone has an email account. You just need permission to send communication to it. You don’t need to find users on social media, select a place for the billboard with maximum traffic or choose a magazine with the maximum number of subscribers. Everyone is a potential lead, everyone has an email address.
  2. Highest Reach: Unlike Social Media, Email is read by everyone. Email received by users in their inbox has the highest possibility of being read – not governed by any algorithm or price bidding.
  3. Life Span: Your marketing communication will last longer than any other media. Emails kept in the inbox.
  4. Return on Investment: Lowest cost of marketing amongst all means of Marketing and Advertising. Yes, Email Marketing is one the cheapest yet direct marketing methods – pushing it to the top preference as part of the many email marketing benefits keeping in mind Email Marketing Software Best Practices.
  5. Analytics: Detailed Open, Click, Bounce & Unsubscribe Analytics. Learn and analyse user behaviour and reactions to content. You can also track Email Forwarding to view contacts who have been forwarded your content from a member on your list.
  6. Engagement: Send, Track, Measure & Optimise campaigns. Unlike most Marketing & Advertising Channels, with Email Marketing – you can define engagement patters with mediums like social media or call to action events like website clicks or downloads.
  7. Integrate: With other platforms like CRM, Social Media, POS, etc. Email being the first generation hero of Digital Marketing – is easily acceptable in all other digital platforms either to target a particular audience or extract email addresses from an existing digital audience.
  8. Promotional vs Privacy: Email is private. No-one is judging you for the content you read. Email recipients may or may not ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ certain content like a Tax Consultation Promotion, Lingerie Shopping, Travel Offers, etc – just because they do not want their peers or friends to know what they’re looking at. Your email inbox is your personal window to the world – you can choose to click on a link or reply without hesitation of public visibility.
  9. Mobility: Engage users on Web & Mobile Devices. Everyone has email enabled on their smartphone and it is evidently present everywhere the person goes.
  10. Personalisation: Send personalised content, targeted to specific audiences and segments. With a really cool Email Marketing Software, you can send bulk emails with people’s names, segment them according to criterion or even create ‘conditional content’ to show up only when an email subscriber belongs to a certain segment.

If you wish to learn more benefits of email marketing for your business, feel free to drop a line to and our Email Marketing experts shall get back to you with a solution for your business.

Nakul Mehra

A seasoned Digital Marketing Professional with expertise in Email Campaign Management, Execution and Inbox Delivery. He has led his team at Vizz Media to help thousands of businesses in sending better email, generate higher ROI and increase subscriber engagement using Mvizz Email Marketing SaaS and Managed Email Marketing Services.

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