Create a campaign

1. Click on the option Campaigns in the left bar menu.

2.  On the Right Hand side of the screen there comes an option of Create Campaign.


3. By default all contacts is selected. Therefore, Select the group to whom you desire to send the campaign by Clicking on this Down Arrow.

4. Select the option : Templates/Email Designer/Raw HTML.

1. Templates:

1. Can select your ready-made Templates which is saved in Template section.

2.You can edit your campaign details and even edit your campaign accordingly. And then Save your Templates.



3.  Then Send your Campaign.

2. Email Designer:-

1. A Dummy layout is given.

2. On the right hand side of the screen you can see various Layouts/ Designs with which you can make your campaign according to your need.

3. Select the desired layout and drag it to the Red Box in the center.

4. After selecting the layout Click on the blank space for the image to be uploaded then click to add file and you can choose the image.

3. Raw HTML:

Insert your HTML code along with the URL code of your image, Save the template and  Send your Campaign.