Email Marketing Lead Generation Techniques

Email marketing is the oldest and one of the finest internet marketing tools for lead generation. Here’s an insight into how to use email marketing lead generation techniques for B2B or B2C products and services:

Big businesses like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter etc use this resource smartly to maximize their revenues and sales. They know the potential of email marketing and focus on conversions and lead generation via bulk email marketing services. Lead generation varies from business to business and almost every sector including insurance, E-commerce, local vendors, medical, health etc use email marketing lead generation techniques for it. Businesses trust email marketing because it brings success for a cost efficient price and effective return on investment.

There are multiple internet marketing tools like email marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, SEM, social media etc. But, when it comes to ROI then 68% companies go with email marketing for lead generation. Even, the affiliate marketers also design effective email marketing campaigns to deliver leads and generate revenues. It is because PPC, SEM, PPM are expensive than email marketing.

Email is the free and easiest medium of communication. Billions of people access to email services. According to a survey, email users exchange 5+ billion emails daily. So, it attracts businesses to enter the mailbox of their subscribers to deliver messages effectively. It’s the cheapest way to communicate with your subscriber easily. It costs a penny/email. Businesses are investing $10 and generating $100 from effective email marketing lead generation techniques

A collection and creation of a big email database will convert into leads via effective email marketing and that’s why both startups and branded online business focus towards bulk email marketing management. They collect email addresses by analyzing the choice and interest list of their audience. It helps them to create effective email marketing campaigns that drive more leads beyond expectations.

Business focus on bulk email marketing management to deliver the right message to the right audience because it will increase CTR and that enhances the chance to generate more leads and conversions.

The average open rate in e-commerce industry is 16.8% with 2.48% CTR in April 2016. Arts and artists sector receives average 3.21% CTR, Consulting 2.37% Avg. CTR, Mobile 2.18% Avg. CTR, Education industry 2.75s% Avg. CTR. It’s an excellent result for businesses.

A bulk email marketing management is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires analytical thinking. An email marketer should understand the demand and the behavior of audience before starting an email marketing campaign. It involves the creation of catchy titles to gain the attention of visitors. An email should consist of graphics and images that hold the reader to read the complete mail. It increases the chances of good CTR. A business should design fabulous landing pages that look same like you have mentioned in the email otherwise it will increase bounce rate. It is also necessary to have an un-subscribe option in the mail that builds trust about your brand. You should also focus on the frequency of email delivery. A continuous delivery of emails to a single user every hour will annoy him and it will lead to a lost visitor.

So, implement your ideas and planning for bulk email marketing management and initiate effective email marketing campaigns to generate more sales.

Nakul Mehra

A seasoned Digital Marketing Professional with expertise in Email Campaign Management, Execution and Inbox Delivery. He has led his team at Vizz Media to help thousands of businesses in sending better email, generate higher ROI and increase subscriber engagement using Mvizz Email Marketing SaaS and Managed Email Marketing Services.

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